Bespoke Reports We provide a number of bespoke reports covering data analtyics, data research, and trends research for a number of industries Our Software Our proprietary software is a web search and data analytics platform which can be configured to serve a range of industries and sectors.

What We Do

We provide data research services for a number of industries and sectors and in addition we are using machine learning and AI to underpin our proprietary web, search and data analytics platform.

Our Services

Data Research Services

Data Research for any industry and sector.  Our services cover product and market research, trends monitoring, search and competitive research and brand monitoring.  

Custom Reports

We provide a range of data analytics and data research services for a number of industires and sectors.  We can provide custom reports for any industry area.    

Data Analytics

Our software crunches raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights.   Our techniques integrate machine learning algorithms and data automation.    


Our propriatary software is a web search and data analtyics platform which can be  configured to  serve a range of industries and sectors.   

Database Design & Development

Providing data modelling, data evaluation, requirements and design.  

Business Services

Business Services covering business analysis, digital marketing and communication campaigns, content design, data design and engineering, performane analysis and management services.  

DaaS (Data as a Service)

Our proprietary platform provides Data as a service (DaaS) as a cloud based platform to provide data analytics services. 

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Services to help our clients formulate marketing strategies based on customer, competitor and market insights.


Pre Trend Search Sentiment™: Food Shortages 2022

May 04, 2022

During the past two years a convergence of events including the global pandemic, the effects of Brexit, international conflict, economic instability and pressures in the global supply chain have played on the minds of consumers.   Search term volume data can indicate Search Sentiment™.   This is because Search term volume data is the most useful and reliable […]

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